Where is Part 3? (6/5/2015)

So, where the f**k’s Part Three? Well, Matthew hasn’t been able to record recently, so we are still having the episode on hold, but in the mean time, new videos might come out, as for I’m still working on them. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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New Capture Card (1/9/2015)

I forgot to mention this, but I have a new capture card (Avermedia Live Gamer Portable) I’m testing out, so sorry for the delay on the release of Part 3 of the 2nd episode of Playtime w/ 2 Gamerz. I’m done with video tests for it with successful results, but I need to do voice tests, so you get it.

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2nd Part of the Second Episode of PTw2G is up (1/6/15)

Hello, and sorry for the late post. I just wanted to inform y’all that the 2nd Part of the 2nd Episode of Playtime w/ 2 Gamerz is up, so check it out!

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The 2nd episode’s first part is up today! (9/29/2014)

What’s up? It’s John, and this part took a lot of freakin’ editing so please cut me some slack. I don’t have editors 😛

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2nd Episode and Special Episode of Playtime w/ 2 Gamerz will be Recorded tomorrow, 9/26/2014! (9/25/2014)

What up? It’s Dashie! And we’re going to pl—Just kidding. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Hey guys. John here, and Sucka Conboy and I have come to an agreement that the next and 2nd episode of Playtime w/ 2 Gamerz will be a special. In fact, there will be over 2 parts! We are going to have our friend Matthew Bryce, or just Matt, join us in some, not all, of the parts. If you want to check him out, click here and go check his Miiverse out (@LittleRoc  {via Miiverse, not Twitter})! Sucka Congirl might join us in this video, and Sucka Conboy will have videos on his view of this episode. Anyway, we are going to be playing Mario Kart 8 online!

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@ElectronJohnLPs (That’s also my Twitter username if you are wondering!)

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Thanks for Sharing Our First Season of JohnTheClanChan VS. (6/25/2014)

Hello! This is Electron John! And today, I just found out that you guys have considered sharing our videos of the first season of JohnTheClanChan VS. including websites like http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/youtube-browser?do=show&vidid=wmuvYu5ETYw !

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Series Pilot of Playtime With 2 Gamerz Out Today! (6/23/2014)

Hello! This is John, and I’m here to announce that Playtime with 2 Gamerz will come out Mondays, as for today, Monday June 23, is the release of the pilot of “Playtime With 2 Gamerz”, a series only on JohnTheClanChan! Be supportive to JohnTheClanChan and do whatever you can to help the website and channel grow! Thank you and have a nice day/good night whatever time it is for you now.

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